Neuropaquell Review: Is it a Legit Neuropathy Supplement? Should You Buy It?

With so many nerve suppport supplements available, choosing the right one is a challenge. That's part of the reason we started this site in the first place: to provide education and information to help people with neuropathy.

One supplement that many readers ask about is Neuropaquell by Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals. In this review, we'll explain how it works, share several customer reviews, and the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision to try it or not.

What Is Neuropaquell?

A single bottle of Neuropaquell nerve pain supplement

Neuropaquell is a supplement for neuropathy that promises to ease the pain, burning, and tingling sensation that is common in neuropathy sufferers.

The supplement feature B vitamins but it also contains all the nutrients needed to combat the effects of peripheral neuropathy. Nutritional support also comes in the form of vitamin D, L-arginine, alpha lipoic acid, and a proprietary blend of herbs.

The product is available in a clinical-strength formulation. Therefore, you do not have to double the dosage amount. You only need to take the recommended dose each day. The supplement was voted best in class for its proprietary blend of ingredients. The product’s vitamins B12 and B1 are highly bioavailable.

About the Company

Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals is the company who produces the supplement. The manufacturer stands behind its product as it sources all of its ingredients from trusted and dependable suppliers that have a reputation of offering quality substances that are safe.

The manufacturers states that it backs each supplement it sells with a 100% money-back guarantee. Ingredients in the company’s supplements are carefully screened for contaminants including heavy metals, bacteria, or other impurities. Each phase of manufacturing is validated and verified by the company’s chief director of quality control.

How Does Neuropaquell Work?

Neuropaquell works because of its carefully chosen ingredients. Taking a B-complex supplement aids in repairing the nerve damage that is caused by peripheral neuropathy. Over-the-counter medications simply mask the resulting pain. After the medicines wear off, you experience pain once more.

In fact, Neuropaquell is considered the most potent neuropathy supplement on the market. The company only uses premium ingredients that have been proven to be clinically effective in relieving nerve-related pain. Each ingredient selection is based on its bioavailability. Therefore, optimum results are assured. The product is the industry’s only Infrared Light Therapy (IRLT)-optimized neural supplement.

Neuropaquell Ingredients

The ingredients in Neuropaquell are what make the product instrumental in relieving nerve pain. Ingredients in Neuropaquell include the following:

  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9 (folate), and B12 support the health of the myelin sheath, which protects the neurons of the somatic nerves in the somatic nervous system (SoNS). These nerves are used during rest or when moving. The autonomic nervous system, also part of peripheral nervous system health, covers involuntary nerve responses.
  • Alpha lipoic acid supports nerve health in the autonomic nervous system. Because the ingredient is an antioxidant, it kills free radicals and eases nerve-related distress, especially tingling, pain, numbness, and burning.
  • Vitamin D supports the health of the central nervous system (CNS).
  • L-arginine is an amino acid improves blood flow. When taken alone, this supplement is often used for recurrent leg pain due to a blockage in the artery. A large amount of this substance is included in Neuropaquell to enhance the effect of the other ingredients.
  • Feverfew reduces or prevents migraines as well as relieves inflammation and nerve pain.
  • Oat straw relieves inflammation and alleviates irritated or itchy skin.
  • Passionflower calms an overstimulated nervous system and relieves the resulting pain. It promotes sleep and reduces anxiety.
  • Skullcap reduces anxiety and calms the nervous system. It also alleviates the pain related to inflammation.
  • IRLT-optimized or medical-grade infrared light therapy supports severe cases of neuropathy.

Main Benefits

The main benefits associated with using Neuropaquell are related to the B-complex blend in Neuropaquell. B-complex vitamins are water soluble and thereby eliminate any deficiencies associated with the vitamins. As a result, benefits include the following:

  • Relief of neuropathic pain. Because B-complex vitamins trigger an antioxidant response, they also reduce the level of pain experienced by patients. In fact, the combination of B1, B6, and B12 regulates neurotransmitter levels to lessen pain. Vitamin B supplementation has been proven to lessen neuropathic pain within three months of continued therapeutic use.
  • B12 has been shown therapeutically to reverse the symptoms of neuropathy and lead to recovery. One study showed that B12 therapy performed over six months improved nerve conduction and supported recovery in patients suffering from B12-induced neuropathy. Because of B12’s antioxidant nature, nerve damage subsides.
  • Neuropaquell balances out the ingredients for optimum pain relief. You have to be careful about taking supplementation as you can receive too much of a good thing. However, by taking the synergistic blend of ingredients in Neuropaquell, you do not have to worry. The formula has been devised to bring total and effective relief if you follow the advised dosage each day.

Patients who regularly take the supplement happily report that they no longer experience the pain, burning, and numbness that is associated with neuropathy. Nerve damage can be reversed and people can lead a normal life when they follow a regimen using this nerve-support supplement.

Other major benefits associated with the product include the following:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved balance and coordination, which reduces the chance of falling
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Nourishment of the peripheral nerves

Also, because of added L-arginine in the product, patients experience better circulation or an increased delivery of oxygenated blood. Therefore, L-arginine supports enhanced pain relief. As a result, you do not need to take injections or rely on over-the-counter pain medications when you take this supplement.

Side Effects

Because the formulation is all natural, customers happily report that they do not suffer from the side effects often experienced when taking prescription medications. This information is supported by research at King Khalid University as well.

Neuropaquell Reviews & Complaints

The customers who have taken Neuropaquell and have experienced good results are exceptionally happy with this highly-rated product.

One customer who complained of neuropathy in the feet and sometimes in her fingers said that she experienced good results after a week of taking the supplement. She said: “After continued use of only 7 days, I no longer had any pain at all.” – Priscilla H.

Another patient said that he had used four different types of natural aids for neuropathy and found that only the Neuropaquell worked. He added that he only needed to take four pills per day to sleep well at night. He said, “Don’t waste your money on the other [supplements]... go to the best (Neuropaquell).” - Timothy

Yet another consumer said that Neuropaquell proved to be the best supplement for his diabetic peripheral neuropathy. He also said his doctor recommended the product. He commented “This is the 4th supplement I’ve tried... I believe that Neuropaquell is the best of them all.” – Online customer

Customer Complaints

Some people who have had complaints about the product simply said that it did not work. However, they did not state how long they had taken the supplement. Also, some customers who complained took it along with other pain medications. They did not indicate whether they had consulted with a physician before taking the neuropathy aid. You should always check with your doctor first if you want to change your therapy.

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Where to Buy Neuropaquell

You can buy the supplement directly from the manufacturer’s website (Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals). The site features a toll-free number that you can call. In fact, if you have not purchased the product previously, you can buy a trial bottle of 120 capsules for $9.95 (plus shipping and handling).

Usually, the product retails for $64.95 plus shipping and handling for 120 capsules. If you purchase three bottles on the site, you can purchase them at a $42 each plus shipping and handling. Buy six bottles and pay only $39 per bottle plus shipping and handling. Evidently, it pays to buy in bulk. You can also buy a 120-capsule bottle of Neuropaquell for $44.11 plus free shipping on Amazon.

A money-back guarantee is offered on the manufacturer’s website. According to Quantum Leap Nutraceuticals, it supports a 100% money-back guarantee good for one year. If you are not pleased with the product, simply return the unused portion with the invoice and the company will return your money, less shipping and handling charges.

Should You Buy Neuropaquell?

Neuropaquell is considered a premium product that is highly touted by customers and clinical researchers and doctors. A large number of customers who suffer from diabetic neuropathy have taken the product and received excellent results. Anyone making complaints may have not taken the product long enough for it to have an effect. Everyone is different in this respect.

One of the ways that the manufacturer distinguishes its product from other neuropathic supplements is by including a large amount of L-arginine in each dose. The manufacturer states that L-arginine increases the effects of the other substances included in the formula. Because L-arginine changes into NO (nitrous oxide) in the system, it serves to relax the blood vessels and improve circulation. In turn, inflammation is reduced, which is often the cause of most bodily pain.

By combining L-arginine with neural-friendly substances, especially vitamin B complex, most people experience significant symptom relief from peripheral neuropathy. You should take the supplement on a routine basis for at least 90 days to ensure the best results.

Alternative Supplement

Nerve Renew is an alternative supplement that you may want to consider. Nerve Renew is comprised of the major B vitamins, specifically B1, B2, and B6. It also contains vitamin D and alpha lipoic acid. Skullcap, feverfew extract, passionflower extract, and oat straw extract support nutrition as well. The manufacturer claims that the vitamin B blend in Nerve Renew is more available biologically than other B formulas in competitor products. Side effects are not reported when taking the supplement.

Nerve Renew is NIR (near-infrared) inspected for purity and is assessed for contaminants. The manufacturer states that patients may experience improvement in as little as a week. However, you should remain on the supplement for a straight 120 days to realize optimal progress. Read our review of Nerve Renew to learn more about it.