Editorial Policy

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Our mission at Neuropathy Cure is to provide people with neuropathy and nerve pain with accurate, relevant, and useful information to help them manage their condition and live a better quality life.

We believe transparency is the best way to accomplish this mission, so we decided to share out editorial guidelines for curious readers like you who want to learn more about us. Our hope is that by sharing these guidelines, we get constructive and useful feedback from our readers on how we can continually improve the service we provide.

Our Content Principles

We understand the responsibility we face when it comes to publishing health information that people rely on. That's why we hold everyone on our staff accountable to our 3 principles listed below.


There is no shortage of content on the internet that makes outrageous claims and promises with no substantial scientific or medical evidence. There is, however, a shortage of unbiased content that accurately describes the potential benefits, risks, and interactions with any treatment. That is the avoid we want to fill. We are transparent about our Advertising Policy and take great care is keeping our content informative and objective.


One challenge internet users face is finding accurate information that is also easy to comprehend. We aim to make our content easy to read and digest because we understand our readers do not have medical backgrounds and simply want to solve their problems and eliminate their pain.


Nothing is more frustrating than visiting a website only to discover the content being suggested by search engines is completely out of date. We aim to keep our content regularly updated with the latest findings and research so our readers find what's working today, not what may have worked yesterday.

Our Content Process

We follow a strict content process to ensure the content you read on this website helps us accomplish our mission which consists of the following steps:


Our process starts with deep research about a topic to product content that is specific and accurate, rather than generic and vague.


We only hire writers who are experienced with health, nutrition, dieting, vitamins, herbs and supplements.


Our in-house editorial team reviews each piece of content to make sure it is easy to read and free of grammatical errors.

Fact Check

Once an article of blog post passes our editing phase, it is then fact checked to make sure the claims we make are legitimate and backed by science.


Our writers gather a list of references and citations which we publish underneath every article in a References section. These references only consist of government, medical, scientific, or academic journals and institutions.

Publish and Improve

Once an article is published, our work doesn't stop. We consistently monitor multiple data sources and invite user feedback for every article in accordance with our Correction Policy. We regularly update our content so it is relevant to current findings and best practices.

We love your feedback

Did you find this guide helpful in understanding our process and mission? Whether you did or did not, we always welcome feedback. You can get in touch with us through our Contact Page.