Customer Complaints About Nerve Renew To Be Aware Of

Note: Although there are a couple complaints about billing and shipping issues, we still recommend it due to the large amount of positive feedback and longstanding history of the company. Only order from the official site instead of third-party vendors to ensure you get a legitimate product. Click here to visit the official site and get best price.

Nerve Renew is a product which promises substantial relief for a painful condition: peripheral neuropathy. Tens of millions of Americans deal with peripheral neuropathy and nerve pain every day; it is an increasingly common affliction.

As with any form of medication or supplement intended to provide pain relief, results will vary. There are incidents of customer complaint on record with the Better Business Bureau, of which the Neuropathy Treatment Group is a member in good standing.

Here are a few of the more common complaints, along with how the NTG has responded to their customers’ concerns. In every case, the company took prompt action to address these complaints, and to hold to their one-year, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Increased Pain, Lack of Relief

Complaints about Neuropathy Support Formula are not frequent. In comparison to the amount of positive testimony received by the company regarding its effects, complaints make up a very small percentage of overall customer responses.

Some customers complain that Neuropathy Support Formula does not work, but this image shows healthy nerve function.

Of that percentage, one of the more common issues expressed is that the product did not alleviate the customer’s discomfort—or, that their discomfort actually became worse, following their taking the supplement.

Progressive neuropathy is a degenerative condition. It is a side effect of diabetes, which is a life-long incurable illness. Once the effect takes hold, it will continue to progress, with overall nerve damage becoming worse with time. Individual symptoms may worsen, change, or disappear, entirely on their own and seemingly at random.

Instances where Nerve Renew coincided with a worsening of symptoms are rare, and none of the product’s ingredients show any evidence of contributing to diabetic nerve pain in their clinical trials.

While it would be inappropriate to summarily write off all such incidents as being purely coincidental, there is no evidence at present which suggests that the formula is responsible for the worsening of symptoms.

Its ingredients are used by the body to protect, manage, and maintain the nervous system. Even if the product were to simply “not work,” for whatever reason, they would not themselves contribute to further nerve damage.

Failure to Provide Pain Relief

Regarding the simple lack of relief which has been experienced by some customers:

Peripheral neuropathy is a complicated condition, resulting from a life-long condition that affects the body in a number of different ways. Diabetes, the leading cause of this form of neuropathy, is poorly understood in itself, but is known to affect each of the body’s systems adversely—including the nervous, vascular, digestive, and immune systems.

There are a range of reasons why the nervous system would come under attack, or would otherwise start to break down. The ingredients provides the body with the building blocks to maintain it.

This frequently addresses the cause of the problem—but it doesn’t address the underlying issue every time. No single solution can do that.  It is deeply unfortunate that a minority of customers have not secured the relief that they hoped for, but the product continues to work as promised in the vast majority of cases.

For more information, visit this link to read our Nerve Renew review.

Problems with Obtaining a Refund or Canceling a Subscription

The supplement has been purchased by thousands of customers per year since its introduction. Over the last three years, the Better Business Bureau has recorded fewer than ten complaints per year on average.

The Neuropathy Treatment Group has moved to quickly address these complaints, frequently issuing refunds and canceling accounts where the lack of action on their part has been brought to their attention.

Aside from the occasional customer who doesn’t experience relief, the other most common complaint is in the execution of the NTG’s guarantee. Some customers have experienced issues with their refunds being sent out, or with accounts being canceled upon request.

When these issues are brought to the company’s attention, their staff are always quick to issue a refund, as recorded by the Better Business Bureau.

Some individuals react to the inconvenience of this rare misunderstanding by threatening legal action or taking otherwise negative actions against the company, including refusing to acknowledge the resolution of their complaint once everything they required has been provided to them.

This is their purview. The majority of customers have acknowledged that they received all money owed to them, and that their subscriptions were canceled, along with an apology for the inconvenience.

Pricing Issues

Nerve Renew was the end result of years of research and development by qualified, expert professionals, many of whom themselves suffer from neuropathic degeneration.

There are no hidden costs or fees associated with the price, which is well within the range of many other existing lifestyle supplements and over-the-counter treatments.

It is far more affordable than most of the medications routinely subscribed to help diabetics manage the symptoms of their condition, including nerve pain.

Cases have arisen where there was some confusion over currency exchange. The price of Nerve Renew is always presented in US dollars. These cases have been rectified, with all money being refunded to the customers in question, and their accounts cancelled at their request.

Final Thoughts

Since neuropathy is such a complete and mysterious condition, no treatment method will give 100% of people positive results every time.

With that being said, this supplement has proven itself over the years as an effective way to heal damaged nerves and reduce pain symptoms.

Yes, there are some complains from customers, but this is true with any company that serves thousands of people. It's inevitable that some people will not experience results they expected.

The good news is, the majority of people see positive results from using the product. To protect customers, their guarantee lasts 365 days. This is why we recommend giving it a try.