Advertising Policy

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Neuropathy Cure is an independent internet publishing company focused on helping our readers with the condition of neuropathy and nerve pain. We are proud to produce and publish content that is original, unbiased, accurate, and trustworthy by only working with subject matter experts in the field of neuropathy.

We have no investors, boards of directors, or shareholders. Our site is supported solely by online advertising. The income this provides gives us the ability to grow our readership, invest in qualified writers and experts, and ensure our website delivers a great user experience.

We wrote this advertising policy so our users understand what advertisements are allowed on our site and what is prohibited. We define advertising as text links, image banners, and sponsored content.

When you see advertisements on our website, you can be rest assured that they meet the following criteria:

  1. We do not allow any prohibited content on our site, including:
    1. Counterfeit goods that use a logo or trademark that visually mimics another brand, product or service.
    2. Dangerous products or services, that include any unsafe chemicals, herbs, substances, or tobacco.
    3. Dishonest behavior - Any website, product, or service that enables dishonest behavior such as, but not limited to, false or misleading claims, fake ingredients, inactive customer support, etc.
    4. Inappropriate content, that includes anything shocking, hateful, racist, over-sensational, or violent.
    5. Gambling
    6. Pornography
    7. Alcohol
  2. For more information on how your data is used, read our privacy policy.
  3. Advertisers are responsible for compliance with all laws, foreign an domestic.
  4. Our advertisements are not endorsements of specific companies, products, or services.

If you have any questions about this page or our policies, please let us know by filling out the form on our Contact Page.